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a close up of a fruit

Experiencing the food on St. Croix is the best (and most delicious) way to immerse yourself in the Crucian culture! Our Taste of Twin City Food Tour is the perfect opportunity to taste St. Croix while learning of the island’s history, architecture and culture.

In addition to the foods enjoyed on the tour, there is a plethora of other foods that are a definite must during a visit to St. Croix. Be sure to include these on your foodie list of things to try while on St. Croix. Better yet, take our Taste of Twin City Food Tour to learn more about these local bites and the best places to find them on island.


a close up of food

This popular Crucian treat is often filled with spiced beef, chicken, conch or veggies. The perfect lunch when paired with a cool, local drink like passion fruit, tamarind or sorrel!

Fish & Fungi

a bowl of food on a plate

Boiled red snapper and fungi – a cornmeal-based dumpling made with okra – is what many locals will tell you in the epitome of a true Crucian dish.

Armstrong Ice Cream

a close up of a green bowl

Armstrong’s Banana Ice Cream

This authentic Danish ice cream recipe dates back to 1900! We guarantee that you’ve never tasted banana ice cream that’s green in color plus a number of other local fruits have been churned to creamy perfection like mango, pineapple, gooseberry, coconut & passion fruit.


a close up of food

Often served over a ball of fungi (see fish & fungi above), this green soupy one-pot stew is made with local leafy greens & okra and can have pieces of pigtail or local seafood cooked right in. If that’s not your speed, you can get it vegetarian style.

Johnny Cake 

St. Croix Johnny Cakes

This fried bread satisfies the sweet and salty taste many crave! Enjoy one of St. Croix’s most traditional favorites with a fried chicken leg or chicken roasted on an open grill!

Gooseberry Stew

Gooseberry Fruit

Gooseberry Fruit Before the Stew

Made from a small tart fruit, this local favorite transforms into a sweet, decadent stew loved by children and adults alike. Scoop it onto ice cream, mix it into your plain yogurt or eat it straight out of the container. Beware of the tiny seeds found in the fruit’s center. You can swallow one or two but we recommend spitting them out!

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