What Hurricane? VI Food Tours is Ready to Transform You!

Virgin Islands Food Tours is back in business on St. Croix, ready to transform even more visitors to locals during their visit to St. Croix.

Category 5 Hurricane Maria devastated St. Croix on September 20, 2017. With 165-mph sustained winds, the island was left ravaged in the wake of the catastrophic storm classified as the worst to make landfall on St. Croix since Hugo in 1989. Homes and businesses were destroyed; power lines were stripped from their poles and the island’s communication system was obliterated, making it difficult to receive information of the island’s condition once the storm had passed.

Virgin Islands Food Tours in conjunction with local micro-influencer, Cruzan Foodie, and D-Media District organized a mail-in relief drive to collect critically needed supplies for people on St. Croix affected by Hurricane Maria. Adult diapers, batteries, canned goods and baby supplies were a few of the items collected via mail and sent via cargo ship from Miami. Once on the ground, items were given to local non-profits such as My Brother’s Table, Women’s Coalition, American Red Cross of the Virgin Islands, United Way USVI and Ten Thousand Helpers of St. Croix, Inc. to distribute to those in need.

In the end, Virgin Islanders are a resilient people. We may bend but we never break! The island has been working steadily through the rebuilding process to prepare itself for new and regular visitors. Power has been restored to 90 percent of St. Croix. Shipments from the mainland are being received regularly without issues and we’re starting to feel a sense of normalcy returning to our precious island rock.

Virgin Islands Food Tours resumed tours on Tuesday November 28th, one day shy of their one-year anniversary! In our first year where we operated 8 months of the year due to Hurricane Maria, we’ve had the pleasure of leading 367 guests through the streets of downtown Christiansted. We also racked up an astounding 5-star rating on Trip Advisor and were featured in a number of publications such as EBONY, Smithsonian Magazine, Caribbean Journal & The Root! We’re looking forward to transforming even more visitors into locals in 2018 and beyond!

The Taste of Twin City Food Tour is available every Friday & Saturday starting at 10:30am as well as the days when there is a cruise ship at port. Alternate days are available upon request. As the island continues to improve and the number of visitors to St. Croix increases, we will open up additional days during the week to accommodate tour demand. We plan on launching a new tour product in 2019. This plan was in the works prior to Hurricane Maria and as the saying goes, “one monkey don’t stop no show!” We’re excited to share this new product with you so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, subscribe to our email list to remain in the know of everything Virgin Islands Food Tours related!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who reached out to VI Food Tours to offer your well wishes, support and countless prayers for a speedy recovery post Hurricane Maria. We can’t thank you enough. All the best for 2019 and we look forward to seeing you again on St. Croix in the near future. #USVIRealNice

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