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About Us


Virgin Islands Food Tours was founded in 2016 with the clear goal of transforming visitors to St. Croix into locals of St. Croix by way of the island’s distinctive foods, extraordinary history and eclectic culture. In one afternoon, visitors can experience the heart and soul of St. Croix – its food – while strolling the cobble-stoned streets of Downtown Christiansted bursting with its quaint island charm and warm smiles of friendly locals.

We offer a unique foodie excursion that highlights the island’s delicious local foods and drinks stemmed in sustainability and agriculture. Taste why St. Croix is considered the gateway to the Caribbean on our expertly crafted food tasting and cultural walking tour led by spirited and knowledgeable local guides.

Join us for the ultimate Crucian foodie experience. We guarantee to take you on a culinary journey featuring St. Croix’s most authentic foods & drinks while transforming you from visitor to local in one shot.

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Anquanette Gaspard

“I want visitors of St. Croix to experience the heart and soul of our island – the food – and fall in love with this slice of paradise I’ve been blessed to call home!” -Anquanette Gaspard

Anquanette is a Crucian-born entrepreneur, content writer & foodie whose European adventures led her back to her island roots. Her passion & love for food was a direct result of her upbringing in St. Croix: Freshly caught fish in the morning was afternoon lunch, trips to the rainforest were a tropical fruit fest & a hot coal pot enhanced food flavors. She launched Virgin Islands Food Tours to share St. Croix’s food, history & culture with each visitor. Now, they can experience authentic Crucian cuisine in an afternoon from those whose life’s goal has been preparing & sharing these culinary delights with anyone wanting a taste of St. Croix.