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Virgin Islands Food Tours is happy to share this incredible news! Our founder and CEO, Anquanette Gaspard, was featured on as a young entrepreneur shining light on the USVI culinary scene.

Danielle Pointdujour, Senior Editor for EBONY, visited the USVI to celebrate their 100th year anniversary of Transfer Day – the day the United States purchased what was known as the Danish West Indies from Denmark and officially became United States Virgin Islands. During her visit, she embarked on the Taste of Twin City Food Tour with Virgin Islands Food Tours.

Gaspard was asked a series of question about how she started the business and her thoughts on the culinary landscape in the USVI. Mentioned as a must do activity on St. Croix, the Taste of Twin City Food Tour has helped to highlight the island’s diverse and unique cuisine. When asked what makes VI Food Tours unique, Gaspard stated, “We’re unique because our location is unique as is our food story, if you will. We’re a melting pot of Caribbean cultures and it allows you to “taste” the Caribbean by visiting our island. VI Food Tours allows this story to be told and shared with visitors.”

The article highlights how incredible starting a business of this scope is so important to the St. Croix and the Virgin Islands as a whole. She mentioned that the one thing she wished the rest of the world knew about the USVI is that it’s not exactly like the United States even though it is the United States Virgin Islands. “You can come here and have an authentic Caribbean experience without the touristy feel, especially on St. Croix,” said Gaspard. “Drink fresh coconut water from the roadside, capture the sunrise at the easternmost point of the United States and enjoy Sunday Funday with the best of them on our sandy shores, Cruzan Rum cocktail in hand.”

Here at VI Food Tours, we look forward to having more people read the article and decide to take the opportunity to be transformed from visitor to St. Croix to local of St. Croix during their visit to the USVI. Described by Gaspard as a “culturally diverse paradise,” visitors to St. Croix can see how this island rooted in sustainability and agriculture offers a vacation experience unlike any other.

See the entire interview here and book your Taste of Twin City Food Tour today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

*Image Courtesy of Nicole Canegata Photography

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