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a bunch of oranges

Another added touch of foodie flair during the holidays on St. Croix is the local fruit, guavaberry. Also known as the rum berry, this tangy & acidic fruit is used to make a special liqueur most commonly enjoyed during the holidays on St. Croix.

Guavaberry rum is made with a combination of guavaberry fruit, sugar, rum, spices like nutmeg & cinnamon and a variety of secret ingredients. The fruit tends to grow wild and can be quite a challenge to grow without optimal weather conditions. Winds, rainfall and insects can hugely affect the growth of this rare tree, which is why many locals often freeze what they find to preserve the fruit to make tarts, jams and rum!

This rum is not for everyone but it’s a must try when on St. Croix for the holidays. Local vendors at holiday events will have it for sale by the cup or by the bottle. Try a glass or two and enjoy!

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