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a box of donuts

A visit to St. Croix isn’t complete without indulging in the warm folds of a fresh Johnny Cake! If you’ve had the pleasure of tasting this Crucian delight, you know they disappear from the plate almost as quickly as they appeared and eating one is never enough.

This fried bread is one of St. Croix’s most traditional favorites as it satisfies the sweet and salty taste many of us crave. However, many local don’t even know how this go-to food staple got its name. In the days of long ago, men and women who worked out in the fields would eat their early morning meal on their journey to the fields. This fried bread, called a journey cake, would be filled with meat or fish and devoured between home and the fields. Over time and with the migration of people from all over the Caribbean, the name transformed from “journey” cake to “johnny” cake due to the multitude of accents, dialects and pronunciation of words. Today, it is rare to hear someone refer to this fried Crucian bread as a journey cake but now you have a little insight on the naming.

Feeling adventurous? Try making your very own Johnny Cakes at home using this recipe from Crucian Contessa. Attorney by day, kitchen creative every other waking moment, her Johnny Cake recipe has been made time and time again by folks near and far and it never disappoints. You can also save yourself the hassle and come to St. Croix where Virgin Islands Food Tours can lead you to the best Johnny Cakes on island! Personally, we like option #2 better 🙂

For more insight on local Crucian food, book your Taste of Twin City Food Tour with Virgin Islands Food Tours to learn of St. Croix’s history, architecture and culture while indulging in the best culinary delights the Caribbean has to offer.

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